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It is thought that the first Russian Blues then called Archangel Cats arrived in Britain about 1860 from Archangel (Archangels). Archangel is a port situated near the mouth of the Dwiana Ocean in the Northern River on the White Sea, which extends into the Arctic Ocean in Northern Russia. A typical Russian Blue should be double coated with a dense under coat and a good example should stand at an angle of 45 degrees. It is required to have a short coat of even length, smooth, silky and lying close to the body. Giving a plush appearance.

Russian Blue's weight range between 7-9lbs for males and 5-7.5lbs for females ("Our Tobi must be an exception to the rule; he has a real lap full of love").

The features do vary in the Russian breed, but should follow these guidelines:

Our Adult Russians can be seen in our gallery, where you will see how very individual they are.

Male Russians are very loving, but I must say over the years my girls are just as affectionate. They are as individual as people; I think that is what makes them so special. "Loyal, loving and laid back" describes our family to a tee! Different people have their own views on which sex is the most loveing we think in this day with equal rights Im sure there should be no difference!

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