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Well!, what can we say!, all kittens are cute and adorable, but there is something magical about Russian Blues. Our Queens are wonderful mothers and need very little help when the kittens are due. We feel that nature should take its course and try not to interfere with this. Obviously if a queen was in distress we would stand in, but you keep watch and soon get to know your queen and how she handles everything so well herself.

Our Russian Blue kittens are of a very high standard and quality. Most are shown at various cat shows with extremely good results. We allow our kittens to leave us for their new homes between 12 - 14 weeks and always insist on a contract for each kitten's welfare. Owning a kitten is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. The whole cost should be taken into account as there will be additional expenses apart from the kitten, such as vaccination costs, litter, food, carrying boxes, yearly boosters and cattery fees (if you go on holiday).

Please think seriously because a kitten should not be purchased on impulse!

If you choose to purchase a kitten, please make sure of the following:

Our kittens will be all flea'd, wormed and fully vaccinated, all nails will be clipped ( we can show how this is done when you collect your kitten) They will be totally litter trained and you will a five generation pedigree. We will also provide the registration forms for a change of ownership, certificate of health and vaccination and a good diet sheet which includes brand named foods that we use ourselves.

Further more, we supply a kitten pack with toys and treats and a signed receipt which includes four weeks free insurance with Petplan one of the top insurance companies in this country. Afterwards, we are always on the end of a phone to offer you our help on any questions you may have.

Choosing a Russian Blue Kitten is choosing a friend for life. They are all very individual but have wonderful characters, so loving you could not wish for a better pet and we guarantee many hours of fun with your new kitten.

When the kitten price has been agreed a non-returnable deposit will be required to reserve your kitten or you can just go on a waiting list for any kittens that are left after the reserved kittens have been homed.

Once your deposit has been received you can when possible watch your kitten being born via our web cam by arrangement. You can log on anytime then to keep an eye on your kittens progress prior to picking it up. The other reason for our cat cam is so you can see our cattery anytime and see how well kept and clean it is ( anyone can tidy up just before a visit ) with the cat cam what you see is how it is.

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